male facelift procedures

Male Facelift

Gain the Confidence that Comes Along
with Looking and Feeling Your Best.

Facelifts aren’t just for Hollywood stars or the most senior of executives looking to maintain their competitive edge. 

We’re living longer, and staying far more active and socially involved than any time in the past. An aging face affects how you are perceived in your personal and business life. Feeling more confident, looking fit, alert, and more masculine is a big advantage in making that all-important first or lasting impression. So why not look the way you feel?

Ageing, genetics sun damage and weight changes all contribute to a loss of muscle tone and skin elasticity in the face and neck. These changes become noticeable in most men by their early 40s and clearly evident in their 50s. A facelift repositions displaced facial tissue and tightens sagging skin, reducing wrinkles and restructuring the face. It may also remove unnecessary fat and skin, and add volume to specific areas to completely refresh and rejuvenate your appearance. 

The Male Face is Different

Facelifts for men differ from those for women, taking into account men’s thicker skin with a richer blood supply as well as aesthetic issues concerning facial hair, short hairstyles, and desirable facial features.  Procedures can also subtly emphasize masculine traits such as a stronger jawline. 

There are a wide variety of specific procedures, differing in-depth, areas covered, and incision patterns.  They may be performed under gentle sedation or general anesthesia and may last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.  After a few stages of recovery patients return to normal activities in 4-6 weeks.

Following a consultation concerning your goals and priorities, we tailor the procedure to achieve a natural appearance with no artificial pull.  You’ll look yourself, just younger.

SCULPT Men’s Center specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men.

Are you ready to feel good about yourself?

We have helped numerous men transform themselves and enhance their confidence.