Male butt procedures

Male Gluteal (Buttock) Augmentation

Gain the Confidence that Comes Along
with Looking and Feeling Your Best.

A full, muscular look to the buttock conveys strength, youthfulness and peak physical fitness.  Unfortunately, a good number of men have buttocks that are under-developed, poorly shaped or out of proportion with the rest of their body.

Think your profile in jeans or slacks could look better? Gluteal augmentation creates a more contoured physique for a big boost in self-confidence.

No goal is out of reach. The only decision is how to get there- 

Option 1: Fat Transfer

Unwanted fat from all those hard to loose places- stomach, love handles, back, thighs etc.- are removed leaving you with a slimmer more sculpted look.  The fat collected then undergoes a special process to isolate and purify only the strongest, most healthy cells in preparation for implantation.  Fat is then reintroduced into the buttock using a layered technique within and above the muscle to build the shape and volume you need. In the end, not only will the buttock be fuller, but also all the areas sculpted for fat collection will be slimmer to highlight the final result.

Option 2: Gluteal Implants

For men without enough fat and for those desiring a greater increase in size, implants can be placed.  Gluteal implants are made of solid silicone to give significant lift, but are soft and flexible enough to allow seamless integration with daily activities and exercise. With implants, most men seek to add central projection while maintaining an outer concavity for a narrow athletic look. The specific implant used is uniquely tailored to add volume where you need it while maintaining these masculine contours. Implants are placed into a pocket of muscle through a small, well hidden, incision along the gluteal crease (between the two cheeks of the buttocks).  Once healed, the only thing people notice is the firm, sculpted look of your buttock.

Option 3: Fat Transfer + Implants

What better way to achieve the look you want than using the best attributes of both techniques?  In some instances, an individuals’ goal may best be met using the bulk provided by an implant plus the detailed shaping possible with fat transfer.

Regardless of the method used for augmentation, maintaining the contour of a masculine buttock is the top priority. During your consultation, we will evaluate your physique and discuss the options to achieve your ideal look. The outpatient surgery takes roughly 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.  You’ll initially wear a compression garment under your clothing and will have limitations on putting pressure on the area for several weeks.  All time frames for resuming different activities are tailored to your specific case with the ultimate goal of a more balanced profile and a more athletic and youthful appearance.

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