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Male Neck Lift

The Importance of the Male Neck

With a strong jawline and a tight, well-defined neck, a man’s face with a few wrinkles or mild volume loss is often considered an attractive sign of maturity and experience. However, a drooping neck due to some combination of excess skin and fat adds to the appearance of aging and can make an otherwise distinguished man look timeworn and tired. 

The Benefits

A male neck-lift targets key areas important to men. These include eliminating sagging skin- the “turkey neck”, removing any trace of a double chin and accentuating the jawline. Changes can be significant, but not so dramatic as to draw attention or suspicion. Many people will attribute the improvement to loosing weight and exercise when the only change has been the neck lift.

The Male Neck Lift Procedure

A neck-lift procedure is outpatient surgery that reduces the size and fullness of the neck. In general, the procedure typically addresses the neck in three stages:

  1. liposuction to eliminate any excess fatty tissue under the chin and along the jawline,
  2. tightening and lifting of the muscles to contour the neck and jawline,
  3. release of horizontal neckbands and removal of excess skin. In certain cases, the procedure may be performed under moderate sedation, yet in most cases maximum results can only be achieved under general anesthesia. We will customize the approach depending on the issues being addressed and your goals. Following neck lift surgery a compression band is worn to reduce swelling, with most patients returning to work in about a week to ten days. 

Aesthetic Result

The neck and jawline will be more defined resulting in a more youthful, fit and rejuvenated appearance, leading to an increase in self-confidence and the confidence of others in you.

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