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Breast Reduction: Freedom to live life without discomfort

Gain the Confidence that Comes Along
with Looking and Feeling Your Best.

Large breasts are a common source of neck pain, shoulder pain, backaches and social embarrassment. In many cases, the weight of the excess breast tissue often limits even simple day-to-day activities and can cause severe discomfort while exercising. Fortunately, it is not necessary to sacrifice your daily well being any longer. Numerous women have eliminated the daily pain and regained their freedom of mobility by opting for breast reduction surgery to remove the excess tissue. 

Benefits of Breast Reduction

On average, a person undergoing a breast reduction has between 1 to 2 pounds of extra weight removed from each breast! 

Breast reduction surgery provides an immediate release from the physical and emotional discomfort brought on by large, heavy breasts.  Patients are no longer limited by routine or strenuous physical activities, which increases self-esteem and develops a renewed sense of freedom. 

In addition to a reduction in size and weight, the breast reduction procedure will improve symmetry, remove sagging stretched skin and reduce large or stretched areolas. The overall result will be a smaller, lifted and more youthful appearance of the breasts with a big boost in self-esteem and confidence to follow. 

It’s an all-around win for a woman’s health by reducing physical symptoms while improving mobility and mental outlook.

What to expect during and after breast reduction surgery

The first step is an in-depth consultation with us.  After discussing your specific goals and expectations, we will provide recommendations based on your breast size, shape, and the amount of breast tissue to be removed. During this time, we will fully explain the procedure and your targeted results. 

Breast reduction is done as an outpatient procedure under light general anesthesia for your comfort and safety. The full surgery can take anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 hours depending on the amount of tissue to be removed and the degree of lift and shaping that needs to be performed. Afterwards, results are immediately visible with a more full and lifted appearance. Furthermore, the size and shape of the breast are improved for a more attractive and youthful look.

A post-surgical support garment will be worn to help minimize swelling and allow early activity. Following the reduction, minor discomfort and soreness is standard, but basic activities and showering may be resumed in as soon as 24 hours. Light work duty can be resumed within 7-10 days, and within 4-6 weeks patients can resume strenuous activities. 

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